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The Forgotten Piece of Conflict Resolution for Physician Teams


When physician team members get into a conflict with one another, they often go on the defensive.  Team members ready themselves with their reasons, opinions, and certainty that they are right!  However, most of us give very little thought to the atmosphere in which our conflicts happen.

The atmosphere matters

The atmosphere makes a difference.  Conflict left unresolved will usually grow until an explosion occurs.  For your part as a team member or physician leader, do you make it safe for other people to come to you with problems?  Do people know they can come to you with a difference of opinion or something that needs to be settled, and they will be treated with respect?  Do you approach it as if you are part of a team, looking for a solution?

Conflict as a Mature Discussion

Conflict can be a calm, mature discussion between equals, when you both listen and truly try to understand each other.  Will you put your defenses aside for the sake of seeking a solution?