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Physician Team Strategies, is a national healthcare leadership development company providing consulting to multi-disciplinary teams in healthcare organizations who want to build powerful, sustainable teams that make giant leaps in their performance.

Physician Leaders: The Missing Ingredient to Achieving Your Goals


We are almost half-way through the year 2010. As a physician executive you set up goals for your own personal leadership and clinical development as well as your healthcare -team. How many of the goals have you completed that you set up at the beginning of the year? Are you on track?

Visualize Your Goals

Setting goals gives us a great feeling of starting anew. But if you goals aren’t created properly, you are setting ourselves up for failure right from the start. When you set your goals, add this additional element to ensure your success. Not only do you want to write them down, look at them daily, and take deliberate action toward achieving them, but you also want to visualize them as if they have already happened. Want to lose 20lbs? Visualize yourself 20lbs lighter. Want to make $100k this year. Visualize yourself putting $10k checks in the bank every month. Want to pay off all your debt? Visualize your balance sheet saying $0 due. What to implement the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?  Visualize using the EMR successfully and how it has made your life easier. Visualizing your goals is the missing ingredient to achieving what you want to accomplish. Enjoy the experience, and enjoy your visions coming to be!