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Health Care Leaders: How to Move Your Rudderless Health Care Team


There is no Magic Bullet

As a health care leader are you struggling with how to get your medical team to work together and provide quality patient care? There is no magic bullet. As the health care team leader you are the role model. Your team looks at your actions and determines whether you practice what you preach. As the leader you set the team environment and culture. The following tip, if implemented, will set you and your team in the right direction to work on what is important. This tip you have probably heard before, but if you are continuing to have difficulty with the team accomplishing objectives, then you need to revisit this suggestion and determine if you are consistently caring it out.

Tip – Set a Clear Vision

Individuals and teams want to make a difference and be involved in something greater than themselves. Individuals who enter the medical field want to help heal the sick. Clinical teams want to take care of patients and not be caught up in burdensome paperwork. Does paperwork take precedence over patient care in your work setting?  Have you set a vision that quality patient care is the top priority? How do you demonstrate it? Do you acknowledge team members who have gone out of their way to help a patient or team member? Reflect on what your real vision for your team is and how you communicate it. Does your vision inspires?

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