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Position for a Transition during Change

No matter what change type you are, you will be impacted by large and small changes in your life and still must successfully navigate through them.  This audio recording is going to focus on the transitional phase of change. This is the period of time between the first stage – letting go, and the final stage – moving forward into the known or unknown.  This period of time is when you have the opportunity to grow, to learn something new, to refuel, re-energize or re-charge.

Listen to the audio and learn 5 tips on how to navigate through the transitional stage of change.

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What’s Your Style when it come to Change?

As a physician leader or health care executive, what is your style when it comes to change?  Understanding your style and the style of the individuals you work with is important if you are to successfully navigate the change process.  In the audio link below I will describe four change types:

  • The take charge type
  • The people person
  • The steady, calm person
  • The process and procedure person

Click on the audio link and determine which change type most describes your style.

Change: What’s it really all about?

Change is all around us.  Passage of the Health Care Reform Bill involves change.  How are you as a health care leader going to navigate through the sea of change?  This blog post includes an audio recording which looks at three phases of the change process and three steps you can take to more easily navigate through the changes in your life and career.

Click on the audio recording below and learn tips about change you can apply today.

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